Players are encouraged to post character bios and scene logs on the MUX wiki. Please remember that nothing you read on the wiki is to be considered IC knowledge, even if someone chooses to reveal secrets there. Also, remember all wiki content should be "work-safe."

Our wiki uses the format and standards of MediaWiki (

Except for group, log, and character pages (see guidelines below), please send a +request for staff approval before adding any new pages to the wiki.

Character Pages

Generally, character pages are generated by staff once a character has been approved for play. Please do not create a character page in advance of the character being approved. If for some reason after approval yo do not have a character page created, you can generate your own via this link: note that use of this character template page is required.

Log Pages

Role-play logs must be appropriate for public viewing and must be "cleaned" of OOC conversation, channel spam, code entries, character bio info, etc. Please be sure that none of the text in the logs disrupts the wiki code, add at least double line breaks between character poses (keeping all text flush without spaces against the left margin), and only post logs using the log template located at:

Group Pages

Please do not add group wiki pages unless you have been given permission by staff to do so. Note that having a +group created and having the consent of the group's leaders is sufficient permission to create a group wiki page. Please be certain that the information on the wiki matches that found on the game and only create a group page using the template located at:

Wiki Accounts

To obtain an account to contribute to the MUX wiki, just visit the Wikia main site at and create one. You can then join our wiki at your convenience.

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