Weapons, Armor, and GearEdit

For our purposes, just about any technology that has appeared as a common Star Wars element is probably allowable. Blasters, thermal detonators, and lightsabers are all plausible equipment--however, do bear in mind that some items (such as lightsabers) are very rare, and you may have a difficult time convincing staff to approve them.

Weapon, armor, and other gear write-ups are all treated as directly and simply as possible; this means that stylistic choices such as dual wielding weapons or the like are just that--stylistic choices. The system will treat them as single weapon objects, and there are no special multi-action rules-- save that, if you're carrying two blasters, you can assume common sense: if you drop one, you can still shoot the other, and you can fire them twice in a round. However, there is still a multi-action penalty.

Customized weapons and armor can be purchased through the Karma system.

Droids & StarshipsEdit


Droids and starships are not statted as part of your character's sheet. Instead, thy can be obtained as special coded objects on the game. These items are purchased and upgraded via the Karma system. Please reference NEWS KARMA TECHNOLOGY for details on how to obtain and upgrade your character's droids and starships.



{{#NewWindowLink: | Cortosis}} is a very expensive metal that has unusual energy-refracting properties. Weapons forged from cortosis alloy or with a cortosis weave can withstand strikes from a {{ #NewWindowLink: | lightsaber }} without damage or even parry blaster bolts if guided by an accurate enough hand.

Armor forged from cortosis alloy is very resistant to energy, but it tends to be weaker against physical damage due to the brittleness of the metal; a cortosis weave is insufficient for use in armor.

Purified cortosis (which can be either made or found naturally) is the rarest and most expensive of all; its anti-energy properties are so strong that it can cause most lightsabers to momentarily short out if the blade comes in contact with the metal.

Mandalorian IronEdit

Mandalorian iron, called {{ #NewWindowLink: | beskar }} in {{ #NewWindowLink:'a | Mando'a }}, is an extremely rare ore that can only be mined on Mandalore and its moon, {{ #NewWindowLink: | Concordia }}, on the {{ #NewWindowLink: Rim | Outer Rim }}. Rarer and more prized than cortosis, this ore can be forged into an alloy lighter and stronger than {{ #NewWindowLink: | durasteel }}, nearly as energy-resistant as cortosis but also much more resistant to physical damage. Like cortosis, weapons and armor made from beskar are lightsaber-resistant.

Lightsaber CrystalsEdit

A wide array of different colored focusing crystals can be used to construct a lightsaber, both natural and synthetic. The natural crystals were traditionally gathered on {{ #NewWindowLink: | Ilum }}, though they have also been found on {{ #NewWindowLink: | Dantooine }}. Synthetic crystals required the use of special forges, and this method was often favored by the Sith. In rare cases, more exotic crystals have been adapted for use in lightsabers.

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