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Connecting and Getting Started Edit

connect <name> <password> Connect you to the game.
@password <old>=<new> Changes your password from <old> to <new>

+who +where

Show you who is on the game and where.

news <file>

Shows you news files.

+help <file>

Shows you +help files for SW:Restoration MUX-specific commands.

help <file>

Shows you help files for TinyMUX.
LOGOUT Logs you off, allowing you to log in another character.
QUIT Logs you off and quits the game. Must be all caps!

Looking and Seeing Edit



Shows you the description of the room you are in and it's contents.
l <name>

look <name>

Shows you the description set on the player or object named. (ex. 'l me' will show your own description)

Navigation Edit

[<text>] To move around the grid, type the letters or numbers in between the square brackets to use that room exit. (ie. [N] North is an exit. To use it, type N)
+map Displays a map pertaining to your location on the IC grid.

Communication Edit

"<msg> -or- say <msg> Sends to the room <Name> says, "<msg>"

Ex. "Hello!

Luke Skywalker says, "Hello!"

:<msg> -or- pose <msg> Sends to the room <Name> <msg> Ex. :waves. Luke Skywalker waves.
spoof<msg> -or- @emit <msg> Sends <msg> to the room with no name attached. spoof The wind howls. The wind howls.
p <name>=<msg> page <name> <name> <"2word name">=<msg> page <name>=<msg> Sends a private <msg> to an individual or list.
p <name>=:<msg> page <name> <name> <"2word name">=:<msg> page <name>=:<msg> Sends a pose to an individual or list.

Channels Edit

@clist Shows a list of available channels.
addcom <alias>=<Channel>

delcom <alias>

Joins (or deletes) a channel (or channel alias). Channel names are case sensitive. Communicating on that channel will use <alias>.

Ex. addcom pub=Public (adds you to the Public channel with the alias 'pub'.

<alias> <msg>

<alias> :<msg>

Sends a message or pose to the channel with that alias.

Ex. pub Hi! [Public] Luke Skywalker says, "Hi!"

<alias> on <alias> off Turns the channel on or off.
comtitle <alias>=<Title> Sets your title for chan with that alias.
Ex. comtitle Pub=Jedi

[Public] Jedi Luke Skywalker says, "Hi!"

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