Lost "Jedi Prince" of Yavin IV


"You inherited many of your mother’s features, Ken. You have a natural talent for the Jedi arts and skills, like she did. You have her brown hair and her eyes."

--DJ-88 to Ken

The son of a Jedi Princess and a genetically warped clone of Emperor Palpatine's, Ken grew up in isolation within the fabled Lost City of the Jedi city, deep beneath the surface of Yavin IV. Hidden there so as not to fall into the Emperor's hands, Ken went undiscovered even during the Rebel occupation of the moon. Found quite accidentally by Chewbacca, Ken has taken hesitant steps away from exile and into the greater Galaxy.

Attributes & Skills

Dexterity 4D
Acrobatics 5D Blaster 4D Bowcaster 4D
Dodge 4D Melee 4D Pickpocket 4D
Projectiles 4D Running 5D Lightsaber 4D
Knowledge 2D
Business 2D Cultures 2D

Core Worlds High Society 4D

Planets 2D

Yavin IV 6D

Politics 2D Scholar 4D

Jedi Order History 6D, Old Republic History 5D

Streetwise 2D
Survival 4D Tactics 2D Value 2D
Mechanical 1D
Astrogation 1D Ground Vehicle 1D Gunnery 1D
Pilot Capital Ship 1D Pilot Jetpack 1D Pilot Repulsorlift 1D
Pilot Starfighter 1D Pilot Transport 1D Pilot Walker 1D
Perception 3D
Command 3D Gamble 3D Investigate 3D
Perform 3D Persuade 3D Search 4D
Stealth 6D Subterfuge 3D Willpower 6D
Strength 2D
Armor Use 2D Beast Riding 2D Brawling 2D
Climbing 2D Jumping 2D Lifting 2D
Stamina 2D Swimming 2D Throwing 2D
Technical 3D
Communications 3D Demolitions 3D Engineering 4D
Medicine 3D Programming 4D

Droid Programming 5D

Repairs 4D

Droid Repair 6D

Security 3D Sensors 3D Slicing 4D

Force Powers

Control 1D
Concentration 1D Deflect Energy 1D Enhance Ability 1D
Force of Will 1D Heal Self 1D Stasis Self 1D
Sense 1D
Combat Sense 1D Danger Sense 1D Farseeing 1D
Life Sense 1D Telepathy 1D Sense Force 1D
Alter 1D
Affect Mind 1D Dark Aura 1D Force Lightning 1D
Heal Other 1D Stasis Other 1D Telekinesis 1D


Bloodline: Ken's parents were both strong in the Force. His mother was also a Jedi Knight and a princess, though there is some uncertainty as to where, exactly, she was from. As such, Ken has no particular direct benefits from his family, save that he knows he comes from a very respectable and reasonably powerful bloodline.


Father: Ken's father, known only as "the Triclops," was a genetic experiment created by Emperor Palpatine. This is a burden Ken must carry, as he would much rather his father have been a heroic Jedi Master, and it's also possible that this could one day come back to haunt him.

Languages: Basic, High-Galactic, and Shyriiwook

It is a hazy story, fragments from the limited memory banks of droids linked together with rumor, research, and wisps of lore. What is certain is that a former Jedi Knight named Kendalina, who was serving as a healer at a Kessel spice mining facility, met and fell in love with a nameless three-eyed slave, and she bore a son. The baby was then delivered into the keeping of an unknown "brown-robed Jedi Master," who spirited him away to a secret location on Yavin IV.

Years later, Ken would later uncover pieces of his past. He would learn of his mother, Kendalina, who was not only a Jedi Knight but also a princess, born into the royal family of an unknown world. Some signs indicate that she may have been of the Lamont Dynasty of Daimar, daughter to King Mitar, but no confirmation of this could be made. Neither did the droids know what became of Ken's mother after his birth. As to Ken's father, the tricloptic slave who actually sired him has a dark history of his own.

Created by the genetic and Dark Force experimentations of Emperor Palpatine, "Triclops" was rumored to have been born by the Emperor's advisor, Sly Moore. Trained to serve as the "Emperor's Eye," Triclops was supposed to provide Palpatine with new, limitless insight from the Dark Side of the Force--but he proved unreliable. Judged a failure, Triclops was shown limited mercy and exiled to the Spice Mines of Kessel. It was there that Triclops met Kendalina, and a child was born of their forbidden, ill-fated love.

So it was, in a fabled Lost City of the Jedi on Yavin IV, the boy was raised by a group of droid caretakers. He learned that his name was Ken, though he never knew any last name. Droid tutors educated him in history and other academic subjects, especially those that pertained to the history of the Jedi Order. Curiously, all study--or even knowledge--of his mother's home planet was left entirely out. Instead, the droids knew only that he was to be kept ignorant.

Perhaps, they speculated, that his mother hoped to one day return for him, but his origins had been kept a mystery, presumably to keep him safe from dangerous enemies. Growing up with little knowledge of his own identity and admiring the lost order of Force-wielding knights, young Ken dreamed that perhaps his name was an allusion to the a famous member of the lost order, one Obi-Wan Kenobi. Surely, Ken reasoned, the brown-robed Jedi could have been Master Kenobi--and did that mean that Obi-Wan was Ken's father?

Such wonderings fueled the boy's imagination for years, and he remained ignorant of the truth of his upbringing. He might have lingered longer still on Yavin IV, save that not long after Ken's 14th birthday, a stranger came to the Lost City, a fearsome warrior named Chewbacca. The wookiee had come on behalf of the newly reformed Republic, picking up some long-abandoned medical equipment from the old Rebel base, but the tech-savvy Chewbacca noticed a strange energy reading coming from the depths of the jungle and chose to investigate.

What Chewbacca had detected was the hidden entrance to the Lost City of the Jedi, for Ken had (just as many times before) hot-wired the sealed door and escaped to explore the wilderness. Before, the droids had stopped the boy before he got far, but he had become better and better at evading them, and this time he went farther than ever before--for he had detected the arrival of a strange starship and wanted to see who was visiting the planet. Years before, when the Rebels had used Yavin IV as a base, Ken had been unable to escape and find them. This time would be different.

Perhaps inevitably, Ken encountered a predator first--a roving, hunger-crazed stintaril--and he was nearly mauled by the ferocious rodent. The timely arrival of Chewbacca averted this, and when Ken's personal droid assistant, HC-100, arrived on the scene, the three talked out the situation. Ken was all too eager to see the Galaxy beyond Yavin IV, and despite the direct orders of DJ-88, the keeper of the Lost City's library and the droid in charge of Ken's care, Ken decided to accompany the ferociously friendly Chewbacca off-planet.

HC-100, a protocol droid with a surprisingly scrappy personality, did not particularly approve, but he was certainly not going to let Ken leave alone. Similarly, Chewbacca might not have been so quick to trust a strange kid--even one in need--but the wookiee knew that all this talk of "Jedi" might be important to his friend, Luke Skywalker. (Of course, Ken suspects that Chewbacca just plain likes him, though he admits it's hard to tell with wookiees.) For better or for worse, Ken left behind the world he knew, joining Chewbacca on a journey to Dantooine, where the Republic had set up its base of operations.

Logs featuring Ken:

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