Currently, the {{ #NewWindowLink: | Hutt Cartel }} holds a position of dominance over most underworld activity.

Other independent political bodies include individual planets like Mandalore and interstellar groups like the {{ #NewWindowLink: | Hapes Consortium }}.


As this is not a formal faction, no such uniforms exist. However, individual crimelords and pirate crews may use them.


There are no formal faction ranks. A few notable honorifics are listed below:

  • C-5 - Organization head (Cartel head or corporate leader)
  • C-4 - Organization leadership (Cartel XO or corp. division leader)
  • C-3 - Senior organization member (Cartel underboss, corp. mid-management)
  • C-2 - Valued org. member (Cartel gang leader, corp. lower management)
  • C-1 - Basic organization member (Cartel enforcer, corp. employee)
  • C-0 - Unaffiliated