"I let the kid tinker with my prosthetic hand, and he did an amazing job--amazing! Even got rid of a nasty burr in my rotator. You should see what he did with my ship's engines! Best mechanic I've had in years."

Orphaned really young, Gav's grown up doing what he can to survive. Skilled at repairing all manner of things, Gav's not always the best at interacting with people but he's very good at handling machines.

Attributes & Skills

Dexterity 4D
Acrobatics 4D Blaster 4D Bowcaster 4D
Dodge 6D Melee 4D Projectiles 4D
Running 5D Sleight of Hand 5D Lightsaber 4D
Knowledge 2D
Business 2D Cultures 2D Planets 3D
Politics 2D Scholar 2D Streetwise 6D
Survival 4D Tactics 2D Value 2D
Mechanical 3D
Astrogation 4D Ground Vehicle 3D Gunnery 3D
Pilot Capital Ship 3D Pilot Jetpack 3D Pilot Repulsorlift 3D
Pilot Starfighter 3D Pilot Transport 3D Pilot Walker 3D
Perception 3D
Command 3D Insight 4D Investigate 3D
Perform 3D Persuade 3D Search 3D
Stealth 4D Subterfuge 3D Willpower 3D
Strength 2D
Armor Use 2D Beast Riding 2D Brawling 2D
Climbing 2D Jumping 2D Lifting 2D
Stamina 2D Swimming 2D Throwing 2D
Technical 4D
Communications 4D Demolitions 4D Engineering 6D
Medicine 4D Programming 6D Repairs 8D
Security 4D Sensors 6D Slicing 5D



Reckless: Gav acts on impulse and doesn't remotely consider the ramifications of his actions before he does so. He just rushes headlong into action consequences be damned and the thought doesn't even occur that he could have trouble.

Languages: Basic

There was never a time that the shadow of the Empire did not cast itself upon Gav Finn's life. Every moment was lived trying to survive in a world that had stripped him of his parents. The one thing he knew was that the Empire, was not a good thing. His parents taught him enough about repairing ships and droids and everything that he was able to expand on it to get himself by in his life. He wasn't picky about the types of ships he served on really. Sometimes he was onboard smuggler vessels, sometimes honest cargo ships, didn't matter to him. He wasn't paid to be a smuggler, he was paid to keep the ship flying.

In recent history, Gav's been serving on The Blue Spirit as the ship's mechanic. It's the longest run he's had with a single group and actually beginning to make him believe that he's found a place that he can call 'Home'.

Logs featuring Gav Finn:

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