A council of high-ranking military overseers now rules the Empire. Its membership is made up of the highest ranking Imperial Moffs left in power after the death of The Emperor.


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Insignia Value Army Rank Navy Rank Intelligence Rank
Rank-Emp C-5 C-5 General of the Republic Fleet Admiral of the Republic Director
Rank-Emp C-4 C-4 General Admiral Deputy Director
Rank-Emp C-3 C-3 Lt. General Vice Admiral Bureau Chief
Rank-Emp C-2 C-2 Maj. General Rear Admiral Senior Chief
Rank-Emp C-1 C-1 Brig. General Commodore Chief
Rank-Emp O-5 O-5 Colonel Captain Deputy Chief Agent
Rank-Emp O-4 O-4 Lt. Colonel Commander Special Agent
Rank-Emp O-3 O-3 Major Lt. Commander Staff Agent
Rank-Emp O-2 O-2 Captain Lieutenant Senior Agent
Rank-Emp O-1 O-1 Lieutenant Ensign Agent
Rank-Emp E-5 E-5 Sergeant Major Command M.C.P.O. N/A
Rank-Emp E-4 E-4 Staff Sergeant Master Chief P.O. N/A
Rank-Emp E-3 E-3 Sergeant Chief P.O. N/A
Rank-Emp E-2 E-2 Corporal Petty Officer N/A
Rank-Emp E-1 E-1 Private Crewman N/A
Rank-Emp E-0 E-0 Recruit Recruit N/A


  • C-5 - Head of State
  • C-4 - Senior Minister, Consortium Leader
  • C-3 - Major political leader (Planetary Senator, Viceroy)
  • C-2 - Major government position (Planetary Ambassador, Magistrate)
  • C-1 - Minor gov. or major private sector position (Political Aide, CEO)
  • C-0 - Citizen